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Gold Heart
By Lynne Tapper


"A life lived is a life worth living"!

It Is What It Is

Welcome to the wacky world of The Kingdom of It Is What It Is, where everything is as it seems and people are the perfect performers in the game of life! Enter at your own risk!

Princess Innocent

Meet our heroine, a perfect people pleasing princess from the Royal Borough of Look at Me. She is about to embark on her life's journey armed with a stacked Privy Purse and the promises and propaganda of the Fairy Tale Land Press as her guide for procuring a Prince. With a pair of glass slippers too big for her feet, will she ever find her One True Prince?

Prince Bad Boy

Dangerous, devastatingly handsome with a fetish for fair maidens, Innocent cannot resist his charms; she gives her body and soul to Prince Bad Boy as she embarks on her first relationship! Fairytales were never like this!

Baron Booty

A charismatic rogue no woman can resist. Innocent hears the Booty Call as she embarks on a liaison with the magnificent buccaneer Baron Booty. Will he forgo his love of the sea for wedded bliss with our heroine?

Kingdom of Joie De Vie

A neighbor to It Is What It is, full of stylish women, colourful characters, and Princes of legendary prowess.

Marchioness Mostess

Innocent gets a new best friend, the divine diva of the day: Marchioness Mostess (the hostess with the mostess), but is she all she seems?

Lord Lie-A-Lot

Innocent finds true love? But is Lie-A-Lot too good to be true?

Countess Confidence

Sometimes the love of a true friend is all you need!

The Chiefly City of Chaos and Congestion Charges.

The capital city of The kingdom of It Is What It Is provides a new perspective on chaos!

Sir Shake and Peer

Innocent is mentored by the premier reporter of the day, Sir Shake and Peer. He shakes things up in order to peer into the lives of the rich, infamous and famous!

Prince Fear

A bundle of neuroses, Innocent learns that the only thing to fear is Prince Fear himself!

Chief Eagle

Innocent meets the First Nations People of the New Forest and gets a lesson in true tranquility.

Prince Rescue Me

Innocent decides to save the soul of her new suitor Prince Rescue Me, who has developed an unfortunate Crummy Cracker addiction! (Look out for Rescue Me's story in book two of The It Is What It Is Chronicles).