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Gold Heart
By Lynne Tapper

About the books

It Is What It Is Chronicles

Welcome to my world - the mythical and magical kingdom of It Is What It Is, where everything is as it seems and people are the perfect performers in the game of life. Free from conventional time and place the kooky kingdom provides a perfect backdrop in which to showcase a series of modern day fairytales which bring to life the challenges, themes, behaviours and emotions that illustrate what it is to be human. The five books in the chronicles take inspiration from the world's of both Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince - master storytellers of children's tales with profound adult meaning.

It Is What It Is invites the reader to enter a world that only requires imagination and an open heart - a gateway to a land where you just have to have a laugh.

Book One: Living With Feet Too Big For A Glass Slipper

Someone once asked 'What's in a name?'
Living with Feet Too Big For a Glass Slipper Well quite a lot actually, in the kooky kingdom of It Is What It Is, where everything is as it seems and everyone is the perfect performer in the game of life. In the mythical year of 1212 B.R. - Before Reason - the beautiful Princess Innocent is born in the Royal Borough of Look at Me - one of many Drama Districts that constitute The Kingdom. Having been raised on the propaganda of the Fairytale Land Press, she is ill-prepared for her life's journey when she leaves her home castle to find her One True Prince. Unfortunately she finds Prince Bad Boy, Captain Unavailable, Lord Lie-A-Lot, Prince Rescue Me - among many others!

Both a parody of the fairytale and a modern-day satire on the search for love in all the weird and wacky places, Innocent's fraught journey captures the essence of what it is to be fantastically human.

Book Two: Prince Rescue Me's Ride to Ruin - Coming your way April 2013!

Book Two in the It Is What It Is Chronicles charts the life of Princess Innocent's sullied suitor - the Crummy Cracker addict, Prince Rescue Me.

Prince Rescue Me
Available in April 2013
It is from within the twisted tale of his riotous road to ruin that we learn that Crummy Crackers are but one of many addictions people perpetuate in the kooky kingdom of It Is What It Is. As Rescue Me struggles through life committing crime against Crackers at every turn - the laws of addled attraction ensure he encounters characters struggling with their own addictions. As the story unfolds and characters cope with cravings from the sublime to the ridiculous, we can see that in It Is What It Is, some people have definitely lost the plot!

Book Three: Pandora Havoc - One Helluva Highway-Woman

Book Three in the series follows the life of Prince Rescue Me's lover Pandora Havoc. The beautiful bandit causes chaos on the highways as she pillages Privy Purses. As her notoriety spreads throughout the land, the anti-cinders - as she is hailed - throws all convention out the window of what a well brought up lady should be. Pandora becomes the first ever Rock and Roll Star of It Is What It Is - rocking polite society by rolling people over. Bewitched by her, beauty every king, prince, knight, baron and Lord of the kooky kingdom wishes they could be her next victim. Living life through a kaleidoscope of excess, she becomes obsessed with fame and fortune. She can run from the authorities but cannot hide from the gilded cage she has created. Welcome to the world of celebrity, It Is What It Is style!